eCTD Lifecycle Viewer

eCTD Viewer was built with the easy of use in mind: the complex XML eCTD (Electronic Common Technical Document) structure of an eCTD lifecycle is presented in a user friendly manner.

eCTD Viewer reduces review times, increases response times to Agency requests, and ensures faster approvals for your products.

Easy to use & user friendly

eCTD Viewer's user interface is available in multiple languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian).

eCTD Viewer can load and process any eCTD submission, as long as sequences conform to ICH and regional eCTD specifications: US, CA, EU, CH, GCC, JO, AU, TH, ZA .... eCTD submissions.

eCTD Viewer's fluent user interface hosts a filter pane, a backbone tree (including current, cumulative and custom views) and a set of tabbed panes to quickly preview documents, metadata attributes, envelopes (regional information), lifecycle info, STFs, PDF hyperlinks, etc. Can be easily configured to match your (client) needs.

To load a lifecycle, eCTD sequences (documents and folders) need to be available through the file system (local drive or network shared drives). eCTD Viewer requires no special server components and can be run on any Windows version. Runs on laptops, desktops or server and cloud environments.

Get Your eCTD Viewer License

eCTD Viewer is available in three editions: BASIC, PROFESSIONAL and ARCHITECT. The BASIC version is FREE, the PROFESSIONAL version is a cost effective solution and the ARCHITECT version has all the features and eCTD lifecycle tools you might need.

Ready to try the free Basic version? Request your free copy. Ready to unleash all your potentials? Purchase your license:

2 year ARCHITECT subscription
280 € ($325) annually/computer
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1 year ARCHITECT subscription
350 € ($405) annually/computer
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1 year PROFESSIONAL subscription
250 € ($290) annually/computer
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2 years PROFESSIONAL subscription
200 € ($235) annually/computer
20% discount
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Basic vs. Professional vs. Architect

eCTD Viewer is a multi-regional eCTD viewing solution packed with lots of powerful features to help you explore and understand eCTD submission lifecycle more easily.

eCTD Viewer Features
Load and process all sequences of a product
Up to 0004
Load up to specified sequence
Up to 0004
Load only last X sequences (up to specified)
Load multiple PDFs at the same time
Only 1
Load multiple eCTD submissions at the same time
Only 1
Only 1
Multiple advanced metadata document searches
Only 1
Only 1
Multiple regional metadata search options
Only 1
Only 1
Print (any view) lifecycle structure
Filter STF's by categories and values
Save and re-apply custom view filters
Save (any view) lifecycle as CSV
Save regional metadata as CSV
Save / load and share unlimited document flagging states
Up to 5
Up to 10
Save / load and share unlimited document notes
Up to 5
Up to 10
[tool] PDF Hyperlink Explorer
[tool] NeeS, VNeeS and other electronic dossier formats viewer
[tool] Submission comparer (compare two [sequence] folders)
Priority Email / VOIP support

eCTD Viewer Features

eCTD Viewer is under constant testing and development: new features, as a result of user requests, are being added daily. Check out some of the more exclusive features you can benefit from:

Even if you already have an eCTD viewing solution - try eCTD Viewer to unleash all the potentials of an eCTD lifecycle!

Using additional tools included, like PDF Hyperlink Explorer, you can understand your e-submissions more deeply.